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18 Fantastic Breakfast Spots in Asheville, NC For A Delicious Morning

By Olivia Williams

There are many great breakfast spots in Asheville, and these morning menus throughout the town offer a variety of dishes, such as huevos rancheros, grits, a traditional breakfast special with eggs and protein, migas, almond rose croissants, huge biscuits, and more. Some of these locations also serve delectable beverages, such as smoothies and coffee drinks.

There are numerous places and a wide range of options in Asheville for breakfast. But don’t worry—we’ve created an exclusive Asheville breakfast guide just for you to locate the best breakfast in Asheville, WNC

Top Breakfast Spots in Asheville, NC (Must Visit!)

1. Tastee Diner

Dive bar with a fantastic breakfast menu and outside seats

Tastee Diner is an ideal dive bar in West Asheville, which is suitable for amazing breakfast options. Their homestyle American menu includes dishes like fried chicken and grits, a fancy yogurt and granola bowl, a couple of breakfast sandwiches, and a 10/10 hash brown.

The restaurant’s design will transport you to the classic 90s rock’ n roll era. The rustic feel of patio furniture and the other interiors are perfect for a good morning. The staff is very homely and believes in serving delicious food, and the customer service is excellent. This is surely the best breakfast spot in Asheville.

What To Order: Try the Big Tastee, which comes with two eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and a flapjack. It’s also available all day!

Parking: Parking is available on the street in front.

Location:  575 Haywood Road | West Asheville | Get Direction

2. Liberty House Coffee And Cafe

A sourdough pancake, garden seating, and excellent coffee drinks

Without a doubt, Liberty House is our best pick for excellent breakfast spots in Asheville. This is especially true when you may sit in their garden on a pleasant day. Although there are few tables in the tiny inside area, there is plenty of outdoor seating.

Liberty is a counter-order restaurant where lines usually extend out the door. They serve breakfast every day, but they also provide lunch options and weekend breakfast specials. The same menu is served for breakfast and lunch throughout the day. Pay attention to the pastry case, too! 

What To Order: Sourdough pancakes! Great things to eat include the sourdough bread breakfast plate and everything from the pastry case.

Parking: Street parking is available, but if there isn’t a space on Liberty, you can always find one on Orange Street close to the Liberty St intersection.

Location:  221 South Liberty Street | North Asheville | Get Direction

3. The Med

Great cuisine at a hip diner in downtown Asheville

The Med is one of the really entertaining breakfast spots in Asheville to have breakfast. It’s quite large, but there’s usually a wait because it’s packed.

The Med serves both traditional breakfast fare and some really inventive breakfast options, including pulled pork over grits or catfish over grits. They’re all quite tasty!

What To Order: Their delectable menu items include the Pisgah Bowl, which has pulled pork over grits, biscuit sandwiches, egg scrambles, and French toast. 

Parking: There are parking garages and metered street parking, particularly around Lexington Ave. The Rankin Avenue Garage is also nearby.

Location:  57 College Street | Downtown | Get Direction

4. Sunny Point Cafe

Serving breakfast all day, every day in West Asheville

Sunny Point Cafe is, without a doubt, one of our top picks for best breakfast spots in Asheville. There is something on their menu for everyone, and they have lovely outside seating as well as a relaxed cafe atmosphere.

Though there’s usually a line, especially on weekends, you can get a croissant and coffee from Rabbit Hole. It is located in the same parking lot as Sunny Point and has the same owner! A popular dish, huevos rancheros can be made vegan by using tofu chorizo. It is the ideal place to get vegan breakfast in Asheville.

What To Order: They have a weekly brunch menu inclusive of Carrot hotcakes with cardamom cream cheese. 

Parking: There is street parking nearby as well as a very tiny parking lot at the restaurant.

Location: 626 Haywood Road | West Asheville | Get Direction

5. Benne On Eagle

Every day breakfast of Appalachian soul fare in Downtown Asheville

Benne on Eagle serves genuine Appalachian soul food. It’s housed in the magnificent Foundry Hotel on a more sedate street in Downtown Asheville. Actually, The Foundry is one of the top choices for lodging in Asheville, and Benne on Eagle definitely helps!

Although it’s a little more of a brunch than a regular breakfast, they serve breakfast every day. The breakfast menu has a maple bacon cinnamon roll, shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, and a Monte Cristo. This place serves the best breakfast in Downtown Asheville.

What To Order: For a traditional breakfast meal, try the Market Street Breakfast. Another great option is the chicken and waffles with maple sage chicken gravy.

Parking: Garages and metered street parking are close by. 

Location: 35 Eagle Street | Downtown | Get Direction

6. Tiger Bay Cafe

Best West Asheville breakfast sandwich takeout

Tiger Bay is a cafe that only serves takeout. Its great morning menu includes tacos, bagels, and sandwiches. This is among the coolest breakfast spots in Asheville.

Tiger Bay and BattleCat Coffee share a house, which makes them a match made in heaven! We suggest placing an online order for breakfast and picking up an espresso drink from BattleCat when you get there. 

What To Order: They have a huge fan following of their breakfast panini and bagel sandwich.

Parking: Parking on the street only

Location: 373 Haywood Road | West Asheville | Get Direction

7. Corner Kitchen

Biltmore Village’s daily breakfast eatery.

Located in the historic Biltmore Village, Corner Kitchen is a charming cafe. Every day, they provide delicious dinner and breakfast/brunch. To avoid having to wait a lengthy time, you should book reservations.

Corner Kitchen’s breakfast menu offers a variety of options. There are omelets, chilaquiles, basic eggs benedict, french toast, and even chicken and waffles.

A waffle, grilled cheese, and a small breakfast plate are among the kid-friendly breakfast options available at Corner Kitchen. This Biltmore restaurant is one of the famous breakfast spots in Asheville.

What To Order: We adore the traditional Biltmore Basic breakfast, which consists of eggs your way, toast, bacon, and grits. Another interesting order is the house-made corned beef hash with horseradish aioli!

Breakfast Beverages:  Coffee, tea, juice, and breakfast cocktails, such as Bloody Marys, Mango Bellinis, and Mimosas with juice options.

Parking:  There is street parking near Biltmore Village. Drive cautiously and be aware of one-way streets!

Location:  3 Boston Way | Biltmore Village | Get Direction

8. Early Girl Eatery (Downtown)

Beloved location in the area offering a mimosa flight and an all-day breakfast menu

In Asheville, Early Girl Eatery is a fantastic neighborhood restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer breakfast and brunch dishes all day and emphasize fresh, local, and organic bites.

There are a few more Early Girl outlets in the town, all of which include outside seating. Finding a seat outside is the best part about downtown! People love their Biscuit French Toast, which, if you order the Bow to the King, comes with chicken fingers. It’s a fantastic organic grit cake loaded with vegetables.

What To Order: Hot tea,  juice, coffee, Bloody Marys, and a variety of mimosa alternatives are available. You can choose bottle service mimosas, a gigantic one, a flight of four seasonal flavors, or just one!

Parking: Garages and pay-per-park street parking are available downtown. 

Location: 8 Wall Street | Downtown | Get Direction

9. All Day Darling

Breakfast counter order in Montford

The ideal Montford neighborhood restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is All Day Darling! Locals love this place, especially the neighbors who live close enough to stroll there.

They also feature a pastry case and serve traditional breakfast fare like pancakes, shakshuka, and chicken biscuits with harissa aioli.

What To Order: Pastries, pancakes, chicken biscuits with harissa aioli, shakshuka with greens and feta, and a breakfast bowl with kale and chimichurri are among the items on their menu.

Parking: Montford Avenue and a few other side streets have street parking. 

Location: 102 Montford Avenue | Montford | Get Direction

10. Ultra Coffeebar

Best savory bagel sandwiches for breakfast in the River Arts District

Ultra in the River Arts District serves you some of Asheville’s best bagel sandwiches. They also provide a variety of vegan breakfast options and a fantastic assortment of pastries. This is also one of the famous breakfast spots in Asheville.

In addition to standard drinks like coffee and espresso, they have some extremely interesting selections! The shakerato (espresso shaken with ice and filtered) and the Rick James (espresso, Mexican coke, and vanilla bean syrup) are two that are particularly noteworthy.

Ultra offers both outdoor and indoor seating. It is a great place to stop for coffee and a bite to eat while exploring the River Arts District’s galleries. 

What To Order: Subway bagels! The RAD bagel, which has everything from arugula to cream cheese to cucumber to balsamic, is also extremely tasty.

Parking:  There is a little lot in front, as well as lots close by and on the street.

Location:  242 Clingman Avenue Extension | River Arts District | Get Direction

11. La Bodega by Cúrate

Breakfast served at the counter by the outstanding Cúrate staff

Another fantastic local breakfast spots in Asheville is La Bodega by Cúrate, which is located just down the block from The Rhu. Excellent breakfast sandwiches are guaranteed, such as their croissant bikini topped with manchego, ham, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. They make excellent baguette sandwiches as well.

Breakfast at La Bodega is available at counter service starting at 8 a.m. on Wednesday through Sunday. There’s a tiny market area with a few tables downstairs for dining. Upstairs, they serve seated brunch beginning at 11 a.m.

What To Order: Try their croissant bikini sandwich and baguette-style French omelet. La Bodega also has delicious pastries. 

Parking: Although there isn’t any street parking in front, there is a pay lot nearby and a parking garage across the street.

Location: 32 South Lexington Avenue | Downtown | Get Direction

12. The Rhu

The Rhu, a charming counter café nestled in Asheville’s downtown

It is a haven for pastry and biscuit lovers. Their delectable pastries, including the renowned croissants are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a staple in many of the town’s coffee establishments. A must-try is their irresistible brownie, a personal favorite of many customers!

In addition to pastries and confections, the menu has mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches.

Though the Rhu feels cramped as you go in, the upstairs area is actually rather spacious. When you enter, the door on your left will lead you to it. 

What To Order: The Dirty South Biscuit, which comes with pulled pork, pimento cheese, and seasonal greens, is a fairly entertaining order. 

Parking: There is a pay lot across the street from The Rhu, but there is no street parking available. Down the block, there is also a parking garage.

Location: 10 South Lexington Avenue | Downtown | Get Direction

13. Abuela’s Little Kitchen

The best place in South Asheville to get chilaquiles

Unexpectedly located on Long Shoals Road in South Asheville is Abuela’s Little Kitchen. They provide classic Mexican fare, including chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and chimichangas for breakfast. American cuisine like avocado toast and steak and eggs is also available.

Both an indoor and outdoor patio are available for seating. On the weekends, it may get very busy! They provide breakfast until 3 p.m., and everyone is really friendly. 

What To Order: Their Chilaquiles are considered to be a success, and Huevos Rancheros are excellent as well. Their breakfast chimichangas, omelets, French toast, Mexican egg benedict (and quesadillas are also highly recommended!

Parking: Parking lot in front

Location:  8 Long Shoals Road | South Asheville | Get Direction

14. Owl Bakery

Delicious pastries and superior coffee are available at two locations in Asheville

OWL Bakery is the bomb! They got everything you could ask for, like coffee walnut strudel, savory danish, cardamom buns, and quiche that changes with the seasons. It’s like a bakery wonderland! Every item on the menu is a little more sophisticated and gourmet, and they serve some of the greatest coffee in Asheville.

Along with bread, spanakopita, and quiche, OWL’s menu features other types of pastries. They have two sites, but we like the parking and outdoor seating at the West one better. 

What To Order: You will enjoy receiving mixed pastry boxes from OWL. When available, the apple strudel and the almond rose croissant are popular choices among customers.

Parking: There is a small lot in front of North Asheville and street parking in West Asheville.

Location:  295 Haywood Road | West Asheville | Get Direction

15. Biscuit Head

One of the most well-known breakfast spots in Asheville

Most likely, if you’re thinking about visiting Asheville, you’ve heard about Biscuit Head! When it first launched in 2013, it became associated with breakfast in Asheville. And we understand—what could be better than enormous biscuits paired with a butter and jam bar?

A favorite among both residents and visitors. In addition to one in Greenville, South Carolina, Biscuit Head has three locations in Asheville, North Carolina, and South Asheville.

By now, Biscuit Head has established itself as a breakfast tradition in Asheville. All three sites offer excellent meals and a relaxed atmosphere. 

What To Order: They have a ton of creative biscuit donuts, biscuit french toast, and biscuit sandwiches (imagine fried chicken, sweet potato butter, and sriracha slaw).
Location:  733 Haywood Road | West Asheville | Get Direction

16. Taco Billy

Offers delicious breakfast tacos in West Asheville.

So, Taco Billy, this cool taco spot in the neighborhood, has some tasty breakfast tacos that you can order anytime. The Billy Ocean with home fries is a total hit, and peeps also go crazy for the Migas Taco with jalapenos.

Taco Billy has an awesome patio outside where you can chill. After you order at the counter, just grab a seat and make yourself a cup of coffee. It’s a casual vibe.

Breakfast Details: Asheville’s greatest breakfast tacos! They offer several choices, and you can also create your own.

Parking: A few (not many) places in front

Location:  201 Haywood Road | West Asheville | Get Direction

17. Abeja’s House Cafe

Pancakes, french breakfast, and huevos rancheros are served at this hidden gem restaurant

Mostly open for breakfast and lunch, Abeja’s has a terrific menu with a focus on Latin food, as well as fresh croissants and a Greek omelet. The atmosphere is low back.

Their chilaquiles without gluten, huevos rancheros, and pancakes with coconut flakes, ginger ricotta, and coconut are all delicious.

A few tables are in front, and there is seating inside. 

Breakfast Details: Their cuisine is excellent, offering options for all palates. We suggest the gluten-free chilaquiles, Mexican omelet, ginger ricotta pancakes, and breakfast burrito (which has a vegan alternative).

Parking: Parking lot out front

Location: 1550 Hendersonville Road | South Asheville | Get Direction

18. Tupelo Honey

Southern breakfast with a large selection of cocktails

Having started in downtown Asheville, Tupelo Honey currently operates in over ten states. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus with a focus on Southern cuisine. However, breakfast is when they truly shine. 

Tupelo Honey serves breakfast every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., making it one of the most popular breakfast spots in Asheville.

What To Order: Southern staples like shrimp and grits, fried chicken biscuits, a classic breakfast plate, and even a pimento grilled cheese are available. If you’re lucky, they also have mac and cheese waffles with spicy chicken!

Parking: Parking garages and streets are accessible in the downtown area. There is a sizable parking lot at their south AVL location.

Location:  12 College Street | Downtown | Get Direction

Best Breakfast Spots in Asheville, NC Map

We’ve added links to make finding your favorite breakfast spots in Asheville a breeze. Just click on “Get Direction” to get there. But if you’re feeling fancy, check out the interactive map below to see which breakfast spots are closest to you.


Here are some questions that people often ask when they look for best breakfast spots in Asheville:

What type of cuisine can I expect at these breakfast spots?

These breakfast spots offer a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional Southern breakfast fare to creative twists on classics, as well as options for vegetarians and vegans.

Are these breakfast spots suitable for families?

Yes, many of these breakfast spots are family-friendly and offer options suitable for children.

Do any of these breakfast spots offer outdoor seating?

Yes, some of these spots offer outdoor seating options, allowing patrons to enjoy their breakfast in the fresh air.

Are reservations recommended for these breakfast spots?

It’s advisable to check with each individual restaurant, as reservation policies may vary, but reservations are generally not required for breakfast spots in Asheville.

Are these breakfast spots typically crowded on weekends?

Yes, many of these breakfast spots can be crowded on weekends, so it’s a good idea to arrive early or be prepared for a potential wait.

Do any of these breakfast spots offer gluten-free options?

Yes, several of these breakfast spots offer gluten-free options for patrons with dietary restrictions.

Are these breakfast spots located in downtown Asheville, or are they spread out across the city?

These breakfast spots are located both in downtown Asheville and in various neighborhoods throughout the city.

Do any of these breakfast spots offer specialty coffee or espresso drinks?

Yes, some of these breakfast spots offer specialty coffee and espresso drinks, perfect for pairing with your morning meal.

Are there any vegan-friendly breakfast options available at these spots?

Yes, several of these breakfast spots offer vegan-friendly options, including plant-based breakfast dishes and vegan baked goods.

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