Best Coffee Shops in Nashville

8 Amazing Coffee Shops in Nashville That Steal the Show

By Olivia Williams

Do you have a trip to Nashville coming up? Are you a coffee lover? If so, this is the article for you!

Nashville, Tennessee, is known for honky-tonks, country music, and party buses, but did you know that Nashville also has fantastic ☕coffee? 

If you are anything like a coffee lover 😍, there is no way you can explore a new city without first enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. We mean, you will need it if you plan on exploring all the great things to do in Nashville.

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If you are looking for the best coffee shops in Nashville, keep reading so that you can start your vacation on a positive note!

Nashville’s Daily Rhythm and the Significance of Coffee

In Nashville, coffee does more than just wake people up. It brings them together. People gather to enjoy a cup of Joe and each other’s company at these shops dotted about the metropolis. 

What makes this city’s coffee culture so charming is its diversity; from the sleek and modern to the cozy and modest, each coffee shop has its own story to tell. 

So, whether it’s your first time visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame or you’re in town for a fun-filled girls’ weekend, every day can start with a cup of great Nashville coffee ☕❤️.

Let’s explore Nashville’s top 8 coffee spots! From cozy corners to trendy hangouts, discover the best brews and vibes in Tennessee’s vibrant capital.

Note: We've embedded real Instagram profiles to help you visualize the place just as it is!

Nashville’s Top 8 Coffee Spots That Really Need A Visit

Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is one of the most well-known coffee shops in Nashville. It has 5 different locations in Nashville: Germantown, The Gulch, East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, and the Nashville International Airport. 

For those seeking coffee in an aesthetically stimulating setting, this place is a favorite because of its unique ambiance that combines industrial elegance with artistic flair.

Barista Parlor offers brightly colored decorations and fantastic coffee. It is the perfect place to meet friends after a long day or get some work done in the morning.

Barista Parlor is one of those places that locals visit every day. That is how you know it is good!

Where: Germantown, The Gulch, East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, and the Nashville International Airport

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Frothy Monkey

Another one of the best coffee shops in Nashville is the Frothy Monkey. Like Barista Parlor, the Frothy Monkey has several different locations in Nashville. Whether you are in downtown Nashville or the suburb town of Franklin, Frothy Monkey is right around the corner.

The Frothy Monkey has plenty of seating, making it the perfect place to work for the day. They also offer a full menu, wine and cheese tastings, and a bakery. This place is ideal for people who value a calm atmosphere because of its unique yet homey vibe. 

Where: 12South, Downtown Nashville, The Nations, and East Nashville

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Killebrew Coffee

If you are looking for delicious coffee and pastries in The Gulch, you should try Killebrew Coffee. Killebrew Coffee is located inside the Thompson Hotel.

They serve coffee, tea, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries! Be sure to try their pastries because their pastry chef is amazing. They make muffins, scones, and donuts on various days. You can grab your breakfast to go and sit outside in The Gulch park.

Where: 401 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 

Bongo Java

If you want to try coffee at the oldest coffee shop in Nashville, you should head to Bongo Java! Not only is it the oldest coffee shop in Nashville, but it also was the first coffee shop to provide Fair Trade coffee.

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The “Nun Bun,” a cinnamon bun that has gained some local notoriety due to its striking likeness to Mother Teresa, is the standout item here. Bongo Java offers a chill, laid-back vibe to drink your morning coffee. You can choose to drink your coffee while people-watching on the patio, or head inside the old house to enjoy your coffee there.

Where: Store Locator

8th & Roast

Are you looking for a modern, energetic coffee shop? If so, you should head to 8th & Roast. They have two different locations, and you can get breakfast, coffee, and pastries at both of them.

Bringing those distinct flavors to the local scene, this specialty coffee roaster and café features an amazing assortment of beans from all around the world. We highly recommend trying their seasonal drinks, of which the peppermint bark is our particular fave. If you want to head to the original 8th & Roast, head to the one across the street from Zanies Comedy Club. This is the biggest 8th & Roast location and is a great place to hang out in the morning before heading downtown.

Where: 8th Ave, Charlotte Ave, and Nashville Airport


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If you are staying in the SoBro neighborhood, you should add the Crema coffee shop to your to-do list. This coffee shop is only a short walk from downtown Nashville.

They specialize in the art of crafting the perfect cup of coffee and even teach classes on how to do it. Taking a coffee class is the perfect thing to do for any coffee enthusiast.

In addition to offering coffee classes, they also serve coffee in some of the most unique ways possible. If you want to try something different, order the coffee soda!

Where: 2108 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social is a coffee shop that truly has it all! It is a coffee shop, restaurant, lounge, bowling alley, and even has a swimming pool! Even if you only head there for coffee, it is the perfect spot to visit if you love taking pictures for Instagram.

The modern and rustic decor looks great in photos. Whether you are looking for a place to start your day or somewhere to end your day, Pinewood Social has it all.

Where: 33 Peabody Street Nashville, TN 37210

Americano Coffee Lounge

The Americano Coffee Lounge is a New York City-inspired lounge that offers sophisticated coffee and cocktails. Specialty coffee here combines with a variety of alcoholic drinks to provide a distinctive café-bar experience. If you want to start your day off on the fancy side, this is the coffee shop for you.

Not only is the vibe of this coffee shop upscale but so is the food. Everything is made from scratch by their own in-house chef.

Where: 434 Houston St, Nashville, TN 37203

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Are You Ready to Try These Best Coffee Shops in Nashville?

While Nashville is known for its country music, it also has amazing coffee! Every taste and preference is catered to by the city’s wide variety of coffee shops, which offer individual brews and varied atmospheres that enhance the coffee-drinking experience. Nashville has a coffee shop to satisfy your needs, whether you’re a specialist searching for specialty blends or a casual coffee lover looking for a comfortable place to relax. 

As you embark on your coffee journey through Music City, savor the rich aromas, flavors, and the sense of community that each establishment brings to the table. If you are heading to Nashville soon, be sure to check out these amazing coffee shops!

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