Top 10 Nashville Experiences You Can't-Miss

Nashville known for its vibrant music scene and rich history offers a plethora of experiences that should not be missed. The top 10 experiences that make Nashville a must-visit destination.


Nashville boldly recreated the Greek Parthenon in their backyard, hosting a cool art exhibit and a full-size statue of Athena!


Underground Doughnut Tour

The famous underground doughnut tour! The hosts are passionate about these sweet treats, making it a special day!


Belle Meade “Journey to Jubilee”

Discover Nashville's lesser-known history of enslaved African Americans built this city. Learn about their lives and legacies.


The Grand Ole Opry

Since 1925, this live radio show has been a stage for country music legends and rising stars alike. It's where legends are born!


The Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Learn the secrets of Jack Daniel's whiskey-making in Wales! Impress at parties and enjoy tasting sessions at various stages.


Nashville’s Biggest and Wildest Party Tractor

Ever partied on a tractor wagon? The tractor pulls a wagon around the city with a disco-lit dance floor and horse saddles for seating.


Food Test Downtown Nashville

The delicious and diverse food scene of country music legends! You'll have a great time exploring their tasty selection.


The Country Music Hall of Fame

Discover the Country Music Hall of Fame, a musical journey with guitars, shrines, and country memorabilia.


A recording studio

Love music? Explore Nashville studios! Record songs watch pros, and learn how vinyl is made! Music city's waiting for you!


Learn to Line Dance

While in the South try line dancing! Wildhorse Saloon offers free lessons daily it's a blast in Nashville.


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