7 Must-See Exhibits at San Antonio Zoo, Texas

Dive into the vibrant world of San Antonio Zoo, Texas. Discover 7 captivating exhibits showcasing diverse wildlife and conservation efforts.

Pride Plaza

See the flock of Caribbean flamingos or watch red ruffed and black and white lemurs jump and play. It’s the perfect start to your zoo adventure.


The Grottos

Walk through Entry Point and say hi to hyenas and two species of bears, a spectacled bear and a black bear.


Asian Forest 

Visit the section housing the zoo's most relaxed inhabitants, the Komodo dragons, along with gibbons, langurs, and Asian small-clawed otters.


Cat Grottos

Walk through this majestic area as water flows over the rocks. Cat Grotto houses small cats such as the caracal, clouded leopard, and black-footed cat. 


Friedrich Aquarium

The Friedrich Aquarium established in 1948, holds a special allure for aquarium enthusiasts with its diverse collection of freshwater and saltwater animals. 


Reptile House

The captivating world of reptiles! Explore a diverse collection of snakes, turtles, and lizards from across the globe.



Encounter jaguars, birds from the Amazon, playful monkeys, diverse mammals, fish, and reptiles, all coexisting in a vibrant ecosystem. 


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