7 Best & Unique Places to Visit in Louisiana this Weekend 

Discover the top 7 places to visit in Louisiana this weekend. Explore the state's rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Perfect for a weekend getaway! 

Grand Isle

Explore Grand Isle a charming barrier island town where Barataria Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, just 100 miles south of New Orleans.


Avery Island

An inland salt dome in Iberia Parish known for its fiery Tabasco sauce. The Tabasco factory, botanical gardens, and bird sanctuary to experience local wildlife.


Breaux Bridge

The crawfish capital of the world near Lafayette, offering a vibrant taste of Cajun culture, especially during the lively Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival in May.



The oldest settlement in the state is known for its French and Spanish colonial architecture, historic district, and Fort Saint Jean Baptiste.


Laura Plantation 

A Creole plantation on the Mississippi River, known for its sugar cane and the origins of Br’er Rabbit stories.


Baton Rouge

Louisiana's historic capital is home to the beautiful LSU campus and iconic landmarks like the Old State Capitol, a day filled with history, art, and natural beauty.



Experience vibrant nightlife on Jefferson Street and dive into Cajun culture at the Acadian Cultural Center. Don't miss the local staples like gumbo and po' boys!


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