Things to Do with Kids in Asheville NC

Top 15+ Things to Do with Kids in Asheville (+ Map!)

By Olivia Williams

Do you ever dream of a vacation that captivates and enchants children of all ages? Well, you are at the right place, as there are many great things to do with kids in Asheville, NC.  

Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville in Western North Carolina is a lot more than just a kid-free destination—it’s a kid-friendly paradise! Asheville offers a wide range of activities, from playing in mountain streams to exploring magical forests. 

In this vibrant city, the options for fun seem endless. Bring your bags and your family and start the adventure. In this blog, you will learn the best things to do in Asheville, North Carolina, with kids!

Unveiling the Top Things to Do with Kids in Asheville, NC

We’ve handpicked the most exceptional experiences that will create cherished memories for your entire family:

1. Explore the Western North Carolina Nature Center

Western North Carolina Nature Center - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

When it comes to animal welfare and trying to maintain visitor enjoyment, the Western North Carolina Nature Center is a little gem of a zoo! It is a small zoo, but it is home to a wonderful collection of animals, all living in good, interesting enclosures. This is a lovely old-fashioned nature center that is a great spot for a family to spend a couple of hours. 

The exhibits are kid-friendly but contain much interesting information for all ages. The animals are happy and look healthy, especially in the reptile area and the wolf exhibit. 

There are playgrounds for children to play in and one of the best reptile houses around to interest kids of all ages. It is worth a visit for animal lovers and one of the best things to do with kids in Asheville. 

Address: 75 Gashes Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

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2. Play and picnic at Pack Square Park

Pack Square Park - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Pack Square Park is a multi-purpose public space suitable for events and gatherings of all kinds. People tend to bring their chairs, so you enjoy running into people at every turn on the Arena’s amphitheater benches. 

The central location and picturesque backdrop of the mountains make it an ideal destination. It may not be the grandest fireworks display, but the atmosphere and numerous food stalls make this a fun way to ring in the new year. 

Featuring a blend of facilities and have-to-see places, Pack Square Park is one attraction that every local and tourist should experience.

Address: 80 Court Plaza, Asheville, NC 28801

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3. Visit the majestic Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Take a step back in time and learn about the rich history of this estate. Fully discover the splendor of the Biltmore Estate as you admire the intricate detail of the mansion’s architecture and luxurious interior décor. Learn the tales of the family that lived here to understand how they lived and the time in which they lived.

Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful gardens, a paradise for plant lovers with a delightful mix of colors and fragrances. These gardens are a great attraction for anyone who loves the outdoors and is also perfect for a family day out in Asheville.

Address: 1 Lodge St, Asheville, NC 28803

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4. Challenge your skills at the Asheville Pinball Museum

Asheville Pinball Museum - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

It is time to get some nostalgia back and be a little kid of the past again at this pinball paradise! For the low price of $15 and unlimited play all day, Pinball Museum provides a plethora of good times as you experience a bevy of timeless pinball tables alongside a retro arcade. 

Their three-game rooms will take you on a trip down memory lane with over 75 games. Checking in advance for capacity is definitely a good idea—the place is small, and during pop hours, you might arrive at a full house. 

There might be a bit of patience needed, but it pays off; before you know it, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the electrifying feel and an unknown number of hours of constant fun.

Address: 1 Battle Square Ste 1b, Asheville, NC 28801

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5. Stroll through the Botanical Gardens at Asheville

Botanical Gardens at Asheville - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

A hidden gem is the Asheville Botanical Garden, a quiet way to enjoy a slice of nature. Stroll through waterfalls and valleys of blooming flowers that call this garden home year-round, and well maintained even if you visit while the property isn’t in full bloom. 

It is also a perfect place for a romantic elopement amidst the stunning beauty of nature. The garden is free and easy to get to — welcoming all. 

This is a small retreat in the busy town and for anyone looking for a peaceful place, a botanic park is a real haven. Between sightseeing picnics here in warmer months and visits in the fall to see the leaves, there is just something beautiful about this garden. 

Throughout the year, the Asheville Botanical Garden offers a memorable experience for both plant enthusiasts and casual visitors.

Address: 151 WT Weaver Blvd, Asheville, NC 28804

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6. Hop on a Gray Line Trolley Tour 

Gray Line Trolley Tour  - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Asheville is a great city to experience as you relax on the Gray Line Trolley Tour. It takes out the hassle of getting there and finding a parking spot. The trolley has a hop-on, hop-off feature that allows you to visit all the hotspots with ease and at your convenience. 

The tour guides are very educational and comical as half of the fun is the actual tours themselves providing great historical facts and interesting information about each destination. 

A trolley tour is a great way to get an overview of Asheville’s rich past and varied neighborhoods, whether you’re visiting for the first time or are a repeat visitor looking to learn more. Ideal 30-minute gaps between trolleys give you the opportunity to explore more of this fascinating town easily and make the most of your time here.

Address: 36 Montford Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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7. Wander the trails at The North Carolina Arboretum

North Carolina Arboretum - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

The North Carolina Arboretum features several acres of beautiful gardens, hiking and biking trails, and engaging indoor exhibits. Many of these trails are surrounded by native plants and trees, and dogs are welcome. The trails are well-groomed, and most of the hiking is easy. The Arboretum also includes a theater, a gift shop, dining, a waterway, a pond, an education center, and a bonsai exhibit. 

Free admission with paid parking in the Arboretum. The gardens are ADA accessible and full of flowers, shrubs, trees, a small train track and displays, and, of course, bonsai trees and other miniatures to kick-start your imagination. 

The employees are friendly, and the place is kept very clean. It’s a must-see stop for anyone in the area.

Address: 100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way, Asheville, NC 28806

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8. Experience high-flying fun at the Adventure Center of Asheville

Adventure Center of Asheville - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

The Adventure Center is an ideal birthday celebration venue for kids and adults in the area. There are lessons for beginners, and the more advanced can find the right level of challenge with a range of courses available. 

Not only are the helpful and friendly staff a joy to visit with, but the expeditious training process makes certain that any logistical craziness is taken care of and that everyone is safe and comfortable on the course. 

The Adventure Center has one of the best practice areas. It also has a well-built, tight 2-5 mile mountain bike trail system. The trail system is great for mountain bikers who like to wander. The jumps are best for beginners to learn and practice.

The center is one of the best havens where you can hone your technical mountain biking skills before exploring the massive surrounding outdoor areas.

Address: 85 Expo Dr, Asheville, NC 28806

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9. Engage with science and interactive exhibits at the Asheville Museum of Science

Asheville Museum of Science - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

If museums strike your fancy, the Asheville Museum of Science is a great way to spend a couple of hours, particularly for those traveling with their family. It has interactive exhibits and activities so kids can get their science on. 

The variety ranges from adult-led scavenger hunts to toddler play zones. Staff members are friendly, always ready to help, and eager to get visitors excited about science. Though targeted mostly at younger visitors, adults are also encouraged to interact and participate in the displays and exhibits. 

The gift shop offers a wide range of science-themed gifts for guests of all ages. Whether you live in the area or are from out of town, the Asheville Museum of Science is a fantastic place to ignite curiosity and encourage a love of learning.

Address: 43 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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10. Laugh Out Loud on the LaZoom Kids’ Comedy Tour

LaZoom Kids' Comedy Tour - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

LaZoom’s Lil Boogers Comedy Bus Tour in Asheville is a fun and unique way to explore the city with the whole family. The energetic performers keep everyone entertained with jokes, magic tricks, and interesting stories about Asheville’s history. 

It’s a great option for birthdays, family outings, or anyone looking for a fun and educational experience. Kids love the silly characters and interactive skits, while adults appreciate the humor and local insights.

For those seeking a more grown-up adventure, LaZoom also offers an adult-only ghost tour. This spooky tour combines uncensored humor with chilling ghost stories, making it a popular choice for date nights or groups of friends. 

Both tours come highly recommended for their engaging performers, unique format, and ability to show Asheville in a whole new light.

Address: 76 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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11. Solve puzzles and escape the room at Breakout Games – Asheville

Breakout Games - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Add a little more excitement to your life by discovering Breakout Games! Prepare to be enveloped in fascinating, engaging stories and tough puzzles that will test your cooperation and your wit. 

There are a number of themed rooms to choose from, so you will find something to appeal to everyone. Breakout Games will give you an unforgettable experience. The friendly staff here do all they can to make you feel at home and that you have the help you need to complete your work. 

You will get completely immersed in the experience, and you will put your minds together as a team to solve the mystery and escape before time runs out. When you want a different, fun activity, Breakout Games is a unique choice for an unforgettable experience and literally one of the best things to do in Asheville with kids!

Address: 60 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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12. Relax by the French Broad River Park

French Broad River Park - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Granted, some of the nature-rich parks, like French Broad River Park, are lovely spots to stretch out, soak up the sun, and simply be. Providing plenty of shade, it soon became a popular place for picnicking residents or after-dinner saunters. 

The park is also a good entry point for a longer walk or bike ride along the river, with a path in good condition and lovely views. Dog owners enjoy the park’s extensive, fenced-in dog park, which is separated into areas for large and small dogs. 

Additionally, the park has all the essentials, with restrooms and a huge parking lot to keep your time in the park comfortable.

Address: 508 Riverview Dr, Asheville, NC 28806

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13. Enjoy the lively atmosphere at Pritchard Park

Pritchard Park - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Pritchard Park is a central location for the Friday night drum circle. A festive vibe ensues, courtesy of the dozens of drummers that congregate, drawing not just the locals but one and all to partake. There is an electric energy to it, with people dancing or just jamming to the sound of the music. 

The drum circle is perennial, its beats often going on until dawn. If you are comparing parks, this one is likely the most central, and there are lots of dining options right by the park for your evening after the show. 

Also, Pritchard Park has long been a sweet spot of green nestled right in downtown. The park is designed to provide relaxation and interaction, with numerous seating and open areas. It is an excellent place to people-watch, have a picnic, or come and bask in the warm sun. 

The park’s central location makes it easy to explore nearby shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions with your kids. Dancing to the drum circle or simply people-watching, Pritchard Park makes for a memorable experience.

Address: 67 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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14. Ride the historic Craggy Mountain Line

 Craggy Mountain Line - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Hop on board for a cute and thrilling mountain ride with Craggy Mountain Line. The staff is welcoming and friendly, and their passion for the product and knowledge elevates the experience. There is a lot to do and see, so young children will never get bored while traveling.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful railway experience! Get ready to enjoy stunning mountain views and explore the region’s rich cultural heritage.

With several distinct experiences for the family or the thrill seeker, Craggy Mountain Line creates lasting memories.

Address: 111 Woodfin Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

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15. Discover creativity at the Asheville Art Museum

Asheville Art Museum - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Serving as a gateway to the collection is the Asheville Art Museum not just in putting on display the pieces from it but by ensuring that each piece is warranted to make audiences move close to the artist in empathy with the questions actually kept like a sacred group in onion skins of the organ hence making the Asheville Art Museum an accessible thought with a series of drawings in the sprung heart. It will be small enough to manage, and you could blast through it in a couple of hours. 

If you’re looking for a fun and creative experience for your kids in Asheville, this is the perfect place to take them. This modern-day art museum, which is open late on weekdays, is located downtown and makes for an excellent post-dinner diversion. 

Live bands perform, and art collections are displayed. The building’s architecture is striking and convenient to travel through, making the overall experience delightful and interactive for all visitors.

Address: 2 S Pack Square, Asheville, NC 28801

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16.  Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at The Hop Ice Cream Cafe

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe in Asheville is a must-visit for families with a sweet tooth! They offer a wide variety of delicious ice cream flavors that change with the seasons, so there’s always something new to try. Your kids will love their classic chocolate and vanilla, but they also have unique and exciting options like blueberry kale and lavender vanilla.

The Hop understands that every family has different dietary needs, so they offer a variety of dairy-free and vegan options made from scratch with ingredients like oat milk and pepita milk. These aren’t just your average vegan flavors – they’re creative and delicious, so everyone in the family can find something to enjoy. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick treat after a day of exploring Asheville or a place to relax and enjoy some quality family time, The Hop Ice Cream Cafe is the perfect spot.

Address: 640 Merrimon Ave #103, Asheville, NC 28804

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17. Birdwatch at Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary

Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary is a natural sanctuary for birds and a great peaceful getaway. This 8-acre sanctuary is a birder’s paradise and a nature lover’s delight. Walk along a winding boardwalk trail through unique habitats and watch more species, including other birds and mammals. The sanctuary’s serene setting with beautiful vistas is the perfect place to rest and reflect. 

It’s a fantastic place to visit with kids, whether they enjoy birdwatching or just need a peaceful getaway. Thanks to a well-maintained boardwalk, you can easily explore the trees and wildlife, and the multifaceted ecosystem ensures an engaging journey. 

Please stay on the trails and be mindful of sanctuary dog rules so this beautiful space can be protected and be a peaceful abode for everyone!

Address: 1056 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

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18. Bounce Around at Jump Jump

Jump Jump - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Jump Jump is where any parent who wants to see a series of acrobatics that will challenge their little ones should go. This interactive attraction packs an adventurous punch and tires kids out with happiness. 

The Jump Jump is priced to fit any budget and will be remembered for a great time done within budget. The Jump Jump staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to the safety and enjoyment of all jumpers. 

Their care, understanding, and experience make parents feel completely at ease while kids venture into high-flying adventures.

Address: 3 S Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

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19. Climb and Zip at Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park - Best Things to Do with Kids in Asheville

Fun for the whole family, the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park offers an unforgettable experience. Separate treetop courses ensure the entire family gets in on the fun should they wish to, with families able to bond and build everlasting memories as they swing through the trees together.

Your kids (and let’s be real, you too) will absolutely love their uppercase zipline for the little ones, which is about the cutest you’ve ever seen anything. With a variety of challenges, the park appeals to all abilities of riders, meaning that there is something for everyone. 

The friendly and supportive staff at the park is dedicated to assuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Their patience and encouragement ensure that even the most reluctant explorers face their fears and conquer the courses. The Treetops Adventure Park in Asheville is the perfect area for families with young children and families with adventurous spirits.

Address: 85 Expo Dr, Asheville, NC 28806

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Thanks for checking out this awesome blog about family-friendly activities in Asheville. These 15+ amazing things to do in Asheville with your kids will definitely help you have a blast, whether you’re a local or just visiting. 

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