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The 10 Best Places for Pizza in Hendersonville, NC (+ Map!)

By Olivia Williams

Are you tired of that old, boring dinner routine? Put on your seatbelts because we are about to take you on a journey through the best places for pizza in Hendersonville that will make your mouth water! 

So when we venture into this ocean of melty blissfulness, it’s your most loved delicious pizza with those crunchy outsides and scrumptious garnishes that you can’t quit dreaming about. The best part is that you will appreciate it, we promise.

Here, we highlight ten must-visit pizza places in Hendersonville that will have you drooling. Then, treat your taste buds and prepare for a pizza party you’ll always remember!

Here are the 10 Best Pizza Places in Hendersonville, NC 

1. Marinos Pizza House

Marino’s Pizza House is a must-visit for pizza in Hendersonville, NC. Made with seasonally inspired, locally sourced ingredients, each bite of their Mediterranean-style pizzas will transport you to the right freshly picked produce aisle. Whether you decide to sit down and appreciate the friendly ambiance or take your food on the move, Marino’s is here to enhance your pizza-eating experience.

Marino’s stands out through its commitment to quality. Order up their house Pizza (a beloved local crust they fine-tuned to perfection) or any of their made-from-scratch desserts, like the baklava cheesecake! Marino’s Pizza House is for sure an amazing pizza spot in Hendersonville, NC.

Address: 228 Kanuga Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28739, United States

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2. Uncle Scott’s Pizza

For over ten years, Uncle Scott’s Pizza in Hendersonville has been a local hidden gem. Among the highlights is the pizza, made in-house. The sauce is good, and the crust is properly cooked. Two of the most popular dishes are the Meat Lovers and Maui Waui, but the supreme pizza is a must-try. 

Uncle Scott’s also offers gluten-free crust, Greek salad pizzas, and pizza with garlic knots on top. This is an absolute Hendersonville favorite, with amazing service, warm staff, and tasty food; it is definitely worth a try if you’re missing a good pie!

Address: 1735 Brevard Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28791, United States

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3. Pi-Squared Pizza

Pi-Squared Pizza is another of the best places for pizza in Hendersonville. It offers something completely different and authentic. The restaurant’s connection to Detroit runs deep, and its passion for old-school recipes and traditions sets it apart from other pizza joints in Hendersonville. 

You will find the best of both worlds at Pi-Squared, with a taste of the familiar and some deliciously innovative cuisine.

In addition to a variety of specialty pies with intriguing toppings, such as the signature Detroiter, a thick but crispy crust smothered in pepperoni and seasoned tomato sauce. If you love pizza or are just in the mood to try something new, definitely check out this secret spot.

Address: 1972 Haywood Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28791, United States

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4. Marco’s Pizza

Marco's Pizza Hendersonville, NC
Marco’s Pizza Hendersonville, NC

One of the best places you can go for a really good eating experience is Marcos Pizza in Hendersonville. Since its 1978 start, Marco’s has quickly gained momentum as one of the fastest-growing pizza chains in the United States. 

In addition to their famous all-meat pizza, they offer a huge range to suit everyone, even if you like Greek salad pizza or meatball bake.

They are loved because it is a great place to order pizza at home with fresh ingredients, cooked just enough for the crust and toppings in such quantities that every round you eat for life. 

A pizza restaurant that wants to make all of its customers happy, Marco’s Pizza is a fantastic selection when you’re in the mood for good quality pizza at a reasonable cost.

Address: 310 7th Ave E, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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5. West First Wood-Fired

The West First Wood-Fired creates authentic wood-fired pizza unlike any other in the country. Each pizza is created with fresh ingredients and then baked in a wood-fired oven, resulting in a delicate, crispy crust that pairs well with the soft, powdery smokiness attained by exposing dough to intense heat. 

The menus range from margaritas classics through to the traditional with things like fire-roasted salmon or barbecue chicken.

West First Wood-Fired offers a warm and natural atmosphere. The attentive staff is always ready to answer any questions or give you personalized advice. 

The menu caters to those with dietary needs and has a wide selection of gluten-free dishes. West First Wood-Fired is the ideal spot for pizza lovers and hungry diners alike.

Address: 101B 1st Ave W, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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6. Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars Pizza Hendersonville, NC
Little Caesars Pizza Hendersonville, NC

The simple menu at Little Caesars Pizza in Hendersonville could save stomachs as surely as dollars, and it offers hope for pizza lovers on a budget. It has its own Pizza Hot-N-Ready concept, which lets you get a tasty pie right out of the oven without having to wait. 

The chain accomplishes that through cleanliness, which assures a safe and delightful dining experience. They use premium ingredients, like fresh mozzarella and Muenster cheese, crushed California tomatoes, and a super-crisp crust for a delicious pizza.

Little Caesars strikes the perfect balance between being accessible and serving great-quality pizza, making it suitable for families, groups, or anyone who needs a quick bite. Those superior slices and competitive pricing will always lure Hendersonville’s would-be pizza enthusiasts.

Address: 675 Spartanburg Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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7. Mike’s Pizza and Pasta

Pizza on table at Mike's Pizza and Pasta Hendersonville, NC Image by Chasing Beauty
Pizza on table at Mike’s Pizza and Pasta Hendersonville, NC Image by Chasing Beauty

If you’re hungry the next time, visit Mike’s Pizza and Pasta in Hendersonville. Locals come from miles around to enjoy the fantastic food served with a smile and excellent service at Mike’s. 

Each dish, from their traditional pepperoni pizza to their renowned garlic knots, is prepared with the freshest ingredients and traditional flavors.

The atmosphere complements the delicious food, and families, friends, and couples drop in all year. Be it their thin-crust white pizza or a classic hand-tossed pepperoni and mushroom, every dish demonstrates Mike’s dedication to excellence. 

This is a great little place in Hendersonville that serves yummy food and has such an inviting atmosphere.

Address: 803 Spartanburg Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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8. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Hendersonville, NC
Pizza Hut Hendersonville, NC

Located in Hendersonville, the city’s only Pizza Hut has a classic pizza joint feel but also a modern twist. Renowned for its extensive range of pizzas, including top sellers such as Supreme, Meat Lover’s, and Veggie Lover’s, there is a pizza to suit every palate. 

Pizza Hut also offers a convenient and fast dining experience. You can dine in, pick up your order or have it delivered! In any scenario, your Pie will be hot and ready to eat! So if you have an hour to visit with a friend, or want to take the family out for a tasty pizza dinner, this is the spot for you!

Address: 1800 Four Seasons Blvd, N Blue Ridge Ave Mall, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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9. Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza Hendersonville, NC
Domino’s Pizza Hendersonville, NC

Domino’s Pizza has been serving delicious pies in Hendersonville for a long time and has established itself as one of the best pizza sellers around the city. With a menu that boasts a wide range of options, from classic margaritas to meat lovers, there’s something for every taste bud. 

The hand-tossed crust is cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, while the generous toppings add an extra layer of flavor.

The online ordering system is user-friendly, making it easy to customize your order and track your delivery. With prompt service, courteous drivers, and a wide range of menu choices, Domino’s Pizza in Hendersonville is a top-notch spot for a satisfying meal that’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Address: 825 Spartanburg Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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10. Mezzaluna 

Pizza on table at Mezzaluna Hendersonville, NC, Image by Abby Smith
Pizza on table at Mezzaluna Hendersonville, NC, Image by Abby Smith

The more contemporary restaurant, Mezzaluna in Hendersonville, specializes in heartwarming wood-fired pizzas and traditional Italian fare. The crust is cooked just right, and their sauces are rich-all done with love and care.

Some of the most modern and greatest home-bar food you can lay your hands on, together with notably amicable service staff. Afterward, unwind on the patio and soak in the great ambiance of downtown Hendersonville. 

Mezzaluna is the ideal spot for a fast lunch or maybe a long dinner. It is perfect for those who love good food in pleasant surroundings.

Address: 226 N Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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Best Places for Pizza in Hendersonville, NC: A Clickable Map to Your Next Favorite Pie

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Are there any vegan or gluten-free options available?

Yes, several Hendersonville pizza places offer vegan and gluten-free options. West First Wood-Fired & Mezzaluna is known for its diverse menu, which includes vegan cheese and gluten-free crust choices.

Can I reserve a table or make a large group reservation?

While chain restaurants like Pizza Hut and Domino’s generally don’t require reservations, it’s recommended to call ahead for large groups. Some independent pizzerias, like Mezzaluna, might accept reservations for larger parties or special occasions.

Where can I find wood-fired pizza in Hendersonville?

West First Wood-Fired is a local favorite renowned for its handcrafted pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. Mezzaluna also offers a delicious selection of wood-fired pizzas, focusing on fresh, local ingredients. For a unique experience, Flat Rock Wood Room combines wood-fired pizza with its signature barbecue dishes.

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